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Matthew Hartsfield

Lead Pastor

Julie Miller

Westchase Campus Pastor

David Wildes

Missions Pastor

Executive directors

Corey Schob

Chief Executive Director

Jon Michael Richardson

Executive Director Of Multisite

Mike Mage

Executive Director Of Creative

Kevin Grills

Executive Director Of Ministries


Whitney Hart

Director Of Worship

Matt Stiller

Director Of Tech

Jeff Sweatland

I.T. Coordinator

Kate Randolph

Tech Assistant

David Alonso

creative Director

Justin Diehl

Video Coordinator

Spencer Urban

Web Designer

Caroline Encinosa

Graphic Designer

Jess Richardson

Director of Connections

Kim Hall

Campus Coordinator

Donovan Vaughan

Student Worship Leader


Karen Messineo

Sr. Director Of HR and Finance

Debbie Yonke

Finance Coordinator

Dally Romero

HR Coordinator

Sarah Dethier

Administrative Assistant

Liliana Rogers

Day School Director

Trish Van Hof

Day School Assist. Director

Karen Donnelly

Day School Admin Assist.

David Gonzalez

Director Of Facilities

Harold Anderson

Facilities Coordinator

Scott Greene

Facilities Maintenance


Emily DeVries

Director Of Next Gen. Ministries

Sherrie Leatherwood

Director Of Care

Stephen Slay

Student Ministry Director

Austin Slade

Spiritual Formation Director

Lara McCay

Spiritual Formation Coordinator

Thomas Marshall

Special Needs Coordinator

Lynne Fukutani

Curriculum Director

Kelly Goede

Director Of Kids Ministry

Shanda Kenna

Kids Digital Curriculum Coord.

Kristen Mage

Early Childhood Coordinator

Alyssa Taylor

Lakeshore Elementary
Ministry Coordinator

Cheryl Jackson

Senior Director "At Risk Kids"

Ginny Coffey

Associate Director of
Suncoast Kids Place

Lindsey Hughes

Beautiful Beginnings
Boutique Coordinator

Daniel Partridge

Director Of Suncoast Kids Place

Dominique Mamalis

Program Coordinator of
Suncoast Kids Place

Mary Krause

Steadfast Ministries Coordinator


David Wildes

Misions Pastor

Melissa Meiner

Experience Director

westchase campus

Julie Miller

Campus Pastor

Becca Jean-Louis

Kids/Student Coordinator

Joel Trumbach

Worship Leader

the harbor (USF campus)

Chris Stephen

Campus Pastor

Lara McCay

Campus Coordinator

online campus

Andy Mage

Campus Pastor