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We Can Change The World

As a local church in the Tampa Bay area, we strive to impact our community in a positive way for God. Along with partnering with local ministries, we continue to pursue God's glory throughout the world.

Where is your faith calling you to serve Jesus? Maybe it is a short-term trip to an orphanage in Tanzania. A soccer ministry in Colombia. Or providing clean water to a village in Haiti.

The purpose of Missions and Outreach at Bay Hope Church is help you deepen your faith by serving the lost, the lonely, and the least of the world. Christ calls us to "Go" and share his gospel by serving the poor and making this world more like His kingdom.

You’re invited to jump in and experience the abundant life by answering God's call on your life to serve from Tampa Bay to Tanzania, from Hillsborough to Haiti, from Carrollwood to Colombia. 


Upcoming Mission Trips

Join us as we take hope beyond the bay to the entire globe.

We are live. Join Us.

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