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Adventures in Missions

Location: International

Adventures in Missions is a Christian ministry that sends thousands of people on missions trips every year.  They offer many types of short-term mission trips for high school, college, adult, and family mission trips all over the globe.


  • Wherever God is calling, we have something for you!

  • Summer, African, American Indian, Appalachian, disaster relief, or inner city and rural mission trips.  

  • For young adults interested in Gap Year Missions or spreading the gospel in 11 countries in 11 months, check out the World Race.


Christian Union Sports Club

Location: Medellin, Colombia

An organization dedicated to discipling the youth through soccer in the most economically disadvantaged sectors of Medellin.


  • Work with the soccer program, serving approximately 2,000 youth in the City.

  • Typical mission trips would include a work project on the site of the soccer complex, a time to share testimonies, Bible studies with youth and coaches, and to play soccer along with the Colombian children.


Living in Faith

Location: Haiti and Cuba

Living in Faith has been a catalyst to changing lives by providing clean water, improved vision, basic nutrition, and life-saving medicine.


  • Prepare and test Water Purification Systems in Tampa for shipping overseas.

  • Teachers are needed to design/provide resources to introduce/teach reasoning skills to Haitians.


Loving Hands for Disadvantaged and Aged (LOHADA)

Location: Tanzania

LOHADA is home to 60 children under 7 years of age who have been orphaned, abandoned, abused or subject to extreme poverty.


  • Serve over 200 orphans and widows across 3 Tanzanian orphanages and elder care centers.


Nueva Generacion Mission

Location: Guatamala

Nueva Generación aims to introduce young people to the truth of Jesus Christ and how He can bring purpose and hope to their lives by conducting classes in Christian Character Development and Values in junior high and high schools in Antigua and surrounding areas.


  • Disciple youth through school-focused missions in Guatemala.


One Ball One Village

Location: Haiti, Tanzania, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras, Guyana and Togo

OBOV has completed 140 water projects in 10 countries, collectively processing over 3 million gallons of clean water per month while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!


  • Mission trips (5-7 days, 3-4 times per year) international, typically in the summer to Haiti, Guatemala, and Cuba

  • Car wash fundraisers (2-3 hours, 3-4 times per year in local NW Tampa)

  • Steadfast Mentoring Interface (90 minutes, at CPGA and Les Peters)

  • Water system construction (2-3 hours, 1-2 times per year in local NW Tampa)

  • Mission Trip Team Leader (4-7 days, 3-4 times per year)

  • Gospel sharing, preaching, teaching


Score International

Location: Costa Rica

Share the love of Christ with at-risk kids in Costa Rica, working with children’s homes and using the tool of sports ministry. They also use ESL (English as a Second Language) classes as a way to teach Costa Ricans about the Bible and disciple them.


  • Serve the poor, work with at-risk children and teens, do sports ministry and clinics, help with construction and work projects, and more!


Sister Churches- Cuba

Location: Guantanamo and Bayamo, Cuba

Bay Hope has invested in our sister church and church-planting missionaries in Cuba for over 25 years. Our 3-pronged strategy to transform communities in Cuba includes 1) Transforming families by strengthening marriages; 2) Transforming the economy by investing in entrepreneurial and leadership training; and 3) Transforming health through clean water ministry. In addition, we enjoy fruitful relationships with baby, youth and young adult ministries in Cuba.


  • Serve and support our sister churches in Cuba through short term mission trips, collecting clothing, marriage mission supplies, and other forms of material support.


World Outreach Missions

Location: Raranya, Tanzania

Rescue, teach, and love orphans in Raranya, Tanzania.


  • Pray for the health, safety, and support of these precious children and their caregiver.

  • Organize a mission trip with your friends or small group.  

  • Give funds for ongoing necessities such as dietary needs, teachers' salaries, or the scholarship fund for college age students.

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