An Endless Summer: Part 2

If you missed Part 1, we would encourage you to go back and read it!

In addition to their service in the Tampa Bay area, the Young Adults also had the chance to serve our sister church in Guantanamo, Cuba.

This summer six Young Adults answered the call to go to Guantanamo. They were: Kayleigh Bordenkircher, Caitlin Carr, Tyler Burton, Evan Breitenbach, Felicia Powell, and Daniel Hamilton. They set out ready to push back the darkness as agents of change for the Kingdom of God.

Their primary objective was to install water filtration systems in and around Guantanamo. The team brought four systems to install in Ciro Frio, downtown Santiago, and the rural foothills of Santiago. Each system was installed at a church within the region to enhance their opportunity to reach city with clean water for the body and everlasting water for the soul. There is nothing like seeing people drink clean water for the first time!

But perhaps the most impactful item we delivered was an oxygen system for a 2-year-old girl named Esther. Since birth, Esther has suffered from a rare spinal disease that has threatened her life and caused numerous complications. One of these is she has difficulty breathing. Her father would walk two miles outside of the city to fill up Esther’s 6-foot-tall oxygen tank, and carry it all the way home. After last year’s trip, the Young Adults began praying that we could help in any way. A few months before we set out, this oxygen system was placed on the front door of a Bay Hope Church missionary. God is so good!

On this trip to Guantanamo, we provided Esther with an oxygen converter, which they could use to fill the oxygen tanks right from their home. We will never forget her father’s gratitude and Esther’s joyous smile, and will continue to pray for them and everyone we had the chance to encounter on this trip!

Dios te Bendiga!

Please join us in praying for our sister church in Guantanamo in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  In the Guantanamo district, most of the damage occurred just east of our sister church. They will be leading recovery and relief efforts in the coming days. On Sunday, September 10, they gathered as a congregation even without electricity, and held a special church service to pray for us at Bay Hope. Though the storm was considerably worse hitting them, we were very much on their hearts and minds during its entirety and they did not let 2 hours pass without writing to our missions team to find out how we were doing. 

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