Why We Do It - Leading a Small Group

Two years ago, Jessica was asked to step into a small group leadership role. While she was nervous at first, God gave her every tool she would need to lead this awesome group of young women closer to Jesus Christ. Under her leadership, these young women have gone on to have global impact for the Kingdom of God. Check out her story to see how much impact we can have when we decide to say “Yes" to what God is up to. ~ Tyler Burton, Young Adult Coordinator

When I was asked to join leadership, my heart was both beating out of my ears and doing somersaults in my chest. The last two years have taught me a great deal about my own relationship with God, while redirecting my relationship with myself. It’s a humbling experience to be molded by God to lead others, to trust that he will equip you if you are willing to say, “here I am”. When It became my priority to lead a life that glorified God my world shifted. The sacrificial loving nature of leadership allowed me to have the courage to reach out to women I knew and those I barely knew to try out this bible study thing.

It constantly knocks me off my feet to see these women chase God outside of group and then come back and talk about it together. We aren’t perfect, we don’t always stay on topic and our prayers are messy but let me tell you, God is moving in them. I know when we leave our meeting place each week we are embers in a larger fire. From a micro church Kelly started, to another small group Kelsey leads, to missions around the world Erica will influence, and even our troops overseas with Makeda. This group has given me the opportunity to talk about this crazy love and spread it across the globe, and for that I will never stop being thankful to the one who orchestrated the whole thing, leadership without a doubt has changed my life.

 -Jessica Sandelli