Maximize: A Few FAQs

As we enter this season of Maximizing our campus, we will be bringing you updates as we choose a contractor, break ground and every step in between!  This week we wanted to share a few Frequently asked Questions that you might be asking yourself!

Why do we need these renovations and additional ministry space?
Bay Hope Church has always enjoyed a vibrant and healthy ministry to Children and Youth. However, since occupying the current two story classroom building in 1998, we have been challenged by the amount of space, as well as the function, ow, and atmosphere of our ministry spaces. Our primary priority in the proposed plan is to dramatically enhance our Children and Youth Ministry spaces, as well as creating better and more functional ow and space for our Commons Area inbetween our buildings.

What are some of the specific ways this will maximize our campus?
The remodeling projects will change the configuration and use of the existing two story classroom building, the gym building, as well as creating a new Commons Area/Coffee House that will unite all of our buildings.

When will actual construction begin?
Much of the process depends on completion of the design and permitting of the project, then securing all relevant approvals from Hillsborough County. In light of this, we project to begin construction in September of this year.

When should all the work be completed?
Depending on the phasing of the different construction areas, the overall construction phase will last between 240 and 300 days. 

Will the campus be safe during construction?
Of course every safety measure will be taken during the project. No construction will be underway on the weekends, and appropriate shields and fencing will help make the construction site secure. We must all be safety conscious, but we expect no dangerous conditions. 

What ministries will be impacted during construction?
As you can imagine, we will all be called upon to adapt and practice patience during the process.This is not the rst major building project for Bay Hope, and we have always risen to the occasion before.

How will parking be impacted?
During the construction, building materials will be staged close to the work areas, so some parking will be restricted. We will work with the general contractor to identify the best area to minimize impact, but be convenient for the work. 

Be on the lookout for our next update!

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