New Day. New Name.

In September 2016 we initiated a name change process to remove one of the obstacles that was holding us back from our 30 by 30 vision (our old name: Van Dyke Church). We needed to address issues of historical context, community clarity, and visionary calling. This would help us envision and embrace a new and more accurate name to move forward with our new vision. 

You can watch the Big Announcement from September 2016

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This kicked off our name change process which generated enthusiastic participation from our congregation. Guided by the Holy Spirit and fueled by prayer, a clear name emerged for our church that will be a banner for us to share the hope of Jesus with Tampa Bay: Bay Hope Church!

Watch the video below for the name change announcement in January of 2017.

Here's a quick summary of our exciting vision from God:

MAXIMIZE: We will maximize our current campus to reach its fullest potential for connecting our community to Jesus Christ.

MULTIPLY: We will multiply campuses of Bay Hope Church in Tampa Bay to share the hope of Jesus with the 3,000,000 souls in Tampa Bay (Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas).

MOBILIZE: We will mobilize 30,000 disciples of Jesus Christ in Tampa Bay by 2030 for the transformation of the world! #30by30


Look closely at our logo and you'll see a glimpse of the "30 by 30" vision. Inside our logo are 30 dots, reminding us of the vision to mobilize 30,000 disciples of Jesus in Tampa Bay by 2030.

Check out the highlights of what God did in 2016 through your generous giving, serving, and praying. We know God's blessings in 2017 will be even more high impact as we continue to move forward with faithfulness toward our new vision with a new name.

2016 Impact Report

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