Fake News

Each day we are overwhelmed with current events, fake news, and alternative facts. Discover where God's truth fits into your daily life and how to live in a post-truth reality.


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Headline: Terrorism


In this first week of "Fake News" Pastor Matthew tackles the big news of the week - terrorism. Find out how a Christ-follower can respond to terror and evil in this world. Gain insights into your own heart and how you can overcome the forces of darkness in your life.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Breakthrough #Fear #Stuck

Headline: International Conflict


In Week 2 of Fake News, Jon Michael Richardson tackles the problem of worry. We live in a world surrounded by worry. God specifically calls us not to worry. When we remove the worry from our lives, we can begin to live into God’s infinitely bigger plan for us.

Jon Michael Richardson

#Conflict #Fear #Worry

Headline: Nike's Moonshot


What the human mind and body can accomplish has always been intriguing. In Week 3 of "Fake News" Pastor Matthew demonstrates how breaking barriers and accomplishing the impossible is exactly what Jesus wants to do in our life. But first, we must recognize him.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Extraordinary #Opposition #Victory

Headline: Mother's Day


Every mom wants to be the "perfect" mom. We compare ourselves to other mom's highlights on Facebook to all the junk we have behind the scenes. This mother's day discover the 7 magnificently imperfect mothers of the bible.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Extraordinary #Love #Parenting


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