Don't Miss Your Miracle

God is still working miracles today. See what God has in store for you.


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The Delicious Miracle


Do you want to see miracles in your life? Does God still work miracles today? Join Pastor Matthew for the launch of this new message series, "Don't Miss Your Miracle." Find out in this first message what "The Delicious Miracle" is all about and what it means for you.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Faith #Power #Trust

The Messy Miracle


What role do you play in God's miracle working power in this world? Find out how to get connected to power of Jesus and how to help others get connected to the power of Jesus. Join Pastor Matthew for this 2nd message in the "Don't Miss Your Miracle" series.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Faith #Power #Salvation

The BOGO Miracle


How do you position yourself to receive a miracle from God? Join Pastor Matthew to learn how "The BOGO Miracle" shows us 5 steps toward your miracle.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Expectation #Faith #Power

The Ghostly Miracle


What's the "Ghostly Miracle?" And why does it matter so much for your future? Find out in this fourth message of the "Don't Miss Your Miracle" series and be encouraged.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Faith #Jesus #Trust

The Long Distance Miracle


What was the "Long Distance Miracle?" Find out and join Pastor Matthew for this message on how to experience miracles in your life today. This is the fifth message in the "Don't Miss Your Miracles" series at Bay Hope Church.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Miracles #Salvation #Transformation

The Happy Meal Miracle


Do you want more in your life? More peace? More strength? More purpose? More hope? Join Pastor Matthew to discover the 5 steps to your miracle of more. This is week #6 in the "Don't Miss Your Miracle" series, entitled, "The Happy Meal Miracle!"‚Äč

Matthew Hartsfield

#Miracles #Prayer #Trust

The Notorious Miracle


Go climb a tree! Find out why that's a good challenge. Join Pastor Matthew to discover "The Notorious Miracle," and why it is different than all the other miracles we are talking about during this series.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Extraordinary #Follow #Miracles


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