Detours, Dangers, & Doubts

Successfully Navigating Your Life Journey


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Battle Ready


Where is your life headed? Are you moving in the right direction? And even if you are headed in the right way, you will encounter setbacks that want to derail you. What do you do when that happens. Dive into this first of five messages on how to successfully navigate your life journey.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Direction #Opposition #Trust

Edge Of Wilderness


How do you navigate the uncertain and uncharted periods of your life? Find out how God provides guidance and leadership for your life in the "wilderness" seasons of your life. Learn how God can move in your life today.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Breakthrough #Deliverance #Power

God Is On My Side


When all your problems are overwhelming you, what do you do? Pastor Matthew teaches us how to turn our panic into praise, our trembling into trust, and our our griping into glorifying God. Dive into this week's message and discover how much God is on your side, fighting your battles for you.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Follow #Opposition #Trust



Do you need God to help you get unstuck? Find out how God can make a way where there seems to be no way. In message #4 of "Detours, Dangers, and Doubts," Pastor Matthew helps us see how we can participate in God's miracles for our lives.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Deliverance #Direction #Trust

Sing & Dance


It's time to sing! It's time to dance! Find out how you can celebrate God's victories in your life. In this concluding message of the Detours, Dangers, and Doubts series, Pastor Matthew shows us the Top 10 reasons we have to worship God right now.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Praise #Victory #Worship


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