Before & After

We all love “before and after” stories. That’s why we see so many make-over shows on television. There’s just something about these stories that fascinates us.


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Dead To Alive

In this first message of the Before and After series, Pastor Matthew invites us to discovering the true and authentic life God always intended for us. Find out how you can move from just "cruise control" in life to a vibrant enjoyment of all God's blessings.

Matthew Hartsfield


Outcast to Citizen

The Prodigal Son is one of the most famous stories in Scripture, join us in the second week of the series as we dive into this story. No matter where you are, Jesus calls us to be Citizens of Heaven. He is calling us home.

Jon Michael Richardson

#Change #Future #Identity

Enemies to Friends


Are you a friend of God? What does that even mean? Find out in this third message of the Before and After series. You will hear some really good news about how to experience the best relationship with God which to the best experience of life.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Friends #Identity #Transformation

Powerless to Powerful


Have you ever felt powerless? Maybe drained or just lacking confidence for taking next steps in life? Join Pastor Matthew and discover how to move from powerless to powerful in this fourth message of the Before and After series. Find out how grace is the key that unlocks a life of power and purpose.

Matthew Hartsfield

#Grace #Power #Salvation

Orphans To Children


​Have you ever wondered what it means to be called a "child of God?" what it means to experience God as a loving, heavenly Father. Find your identity from God, and not from the culture around you, or even from yourself. ​

Matthew Hartsfield

#Family #Father #Identity


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