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Being thankful is not just a season but a lifestyle. Discover how to live that lifestyle the way God has created you.

Detours, Dangers, & Doubts

Successfully Navigating Your Life Journey

Before & After

We all love “before and after” stories. That’s why we see so many make-over shows on television. There’s just something about these stories that fascinates us.


Life was not meant to be lived in rows, but in circles. Listen as David talks through the importance of small groups in the walk of any Christ follower!

How To Parent

Wouldn't it be great if your kids came with an instruction manual? Whether trying to calm a crying baby or get the attention of the teen who is always texting, parenting is tough stuff.

Finding The Heart Of God

Where can you find the heart of God? What can we do to move us closer and see God as he truly is? The answer is worship. Your complete mind's attention and heart's affection.

Rotten Fruit

Hate, Sadness, Worry, Anger - the list goes on and on. Enjoy this enlightening series that will show you how to live life at its worst.

Why Kids Matter.

We place an unshakable focus on the future, raising spiritual champions in the next generation. Discover why kids matter to Jesus and why they should matter to us.

The Process, Pain, & The Promise

In this message, Chris Stephen helps us understand that once we have moved from Death to Life that there is a Process and Pain that leads to the Promise of Jesus.

Take Up Your Cross

Jesus has called us to turn from our selfish ways, take up our cross and follow him. What does that mean in a world that increasingly places self-interest above anything else?

Fake News

Each day we are overwhelmed with current events, fake news, and alternative facts. Discover where God's truth fits into your daily life and how to live in a post-truth reality.

Easter 2017

Friday saw Jesus on the cross, dead, and buried. Saturday was silent, but Sunday the tomb was empty. The question for us is, what about Monday?

Grounded In Prayer

Christians have recited the Lord’s Prayer in times of worship and in times of grief. But this famous prayer was never intended to be a poem we recite; instead, it is a model for how to pray.

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