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We Can Change The World

Jesus tells us to face this world with a clear-eyed understanding that our planet is broken. You’re not just imagining things. But Jesus doesn’t get stuck in the despair of a dark world.

Easter 2018

When Jesus emptied the tomb on Resurrection Sunday, he opened doors for your freedom, power, and hope. Find out how to experience that this Easter season.

Contracts & Covenants

Our relationship with God is not written with clauses and exceptions. It is based on freedom and trust.

The Power Of Clarity

Why is the world out of whack? How does Jesus make a difference to a hurting world? Most of all, what difference does Jesus make in my life? Discover the answers to life, faith, and eternity.

1.99 Billion Heartbeats

How do you measure your life? How are you keeping score? Discover in this special message the 10 things that God says about you.


The future is now at Bay Hope Church. Discover how we are bringing hope to the bay through maximizing, multiplying, and mobilizing!

Happy People

Face your 2018 with forgiveness, joy, hope, and courage. Let's get happy.

You May Live

You have been granted permission in 2018 to live!

Christmas Eve 2017

Follow the wise men to the birthplace of Jesus and discover what happens when you approach Jesus. You will see life changing results!


We'll all be home for Christmas. Family dinner, stories, and gifts! Discover your home as we see the joy and wonder of Christmas.

Can You See

Are you expecting to see God move?


Being thankful is not just a season but a lifestyle. Discover how to live that lifestyle the way God has created you.

Detours, Dangers, & Doubts

Successfully Navigating Your Life Journey

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