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Adult groups provide an environment for community and trusting fellowship.


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Small Groups

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      Jesus tells us to face this world with a clear-eyed understanding that our planet is broken. You’re not just imagining things. It is really messed up and out of whack. But Jesus doesn’t get stuck in the despair of a dark world. Jesus is the Overcomer. He invites and challenges us to join Him in His mission to overcome the darkness of this world.

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      What’s the difference between a “on-going” small group and series group?

      Series groups are a church-wide campaign to get as many people connected to a small group during a specific six-week period as possible. Our goal for series groups is they will continue to meet regularly even after the series is over.

      Generally, the best way to get connected to a new group is during the series groups.  We have a series group every September and January.

      On-Going small groups meet 2-4 times a month year-round.  Many on-going groups started as series groups and decided to keep meeting anddo life together.

      When will groups meet? 

      Both series groups and on-going groups meet at various times and locations. Each host chooses a location, day of the week, and time that works best for them. 

      How often will the groups meet? 

      Series groups meet weekly for six weeks twice a year, typically starting in September and January, respectively. 

      Most on-going groups meet 2-4 times a month during the school year and less regularly during Summer and the Christmas season. 

      How long are the meetings? 

      Allow 1 ½ hours, plus 30 minutes for hanging out afterwards. 

      Who can lead a small group? 

      Most Van Dyke Church attenders are capable of hosting a series group! We understand that signing up to be a group host can take a leap of faith. That’s why the GroupLIFE team is here with resources to prepare and train you.  The only requirement is to attend a host orientation.

      For our on-going groups we want to know that our leader
      s fully share Van Dykes vision and values.  Therefore was ask our on-going small group leaders to become members of the church.  We are also in the process of developing leader training for our on-going small group leaders.

      How do I invite people and grow my group? 

      For any group, you and your groups participants should invite unconnected people to join your group. Consider friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers who could benefit from the knowledge and community. Before inviting someone new, we encourage you to pray and ask God to soften his or her heart. Then, step out in faith and make the invitation! 

      For our series groups, we have a participant sign-up weekend before the series begins.

      Other questions? Contact David Gonzalez (


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