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Discover is for any believer wanting to connect to the church and get involved.

You are needed. You’re needed in your church. You’re needed in your community. You are needed in this world. God created you to make a contribution with your life.  He has given you gifts, abilities, personality, experiences, and a passion.  

God wired us so that we feel most alive when we’re following our passion.  Are you more passionate about something you’re involved in or something you just watch from a distance?  All of us have a common denominator: We want to make a difference.  We want our lives to count for something.  Finding our passion, purpose and place becomes clear as we navigate all that God created us uniquely to be.  


You can become a member of Van Dyke Church by: 

  • Attending Explore. This is a one-time, one-hour class about our mission, our values, and more. Some Explore classes are combined with a pastor's dinner. 
  • Attending Discover. Discover is completed in six one-hour sessions. You will discover your passion, your purpose, and your place.

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